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More Leads Less Work: Create Effective Lead Magnets for Your Business

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Can't find QUALIFIED prospects?

This short book will save your business butt.

Ever go to a website and immediately there's a pop-up form in your face saying, “Sign up for our newsletter!” (YAWN!)

Yeah, they're doing it wrong.

Your list of suspects, prospects, and clients is one of the most valuable, if not THE most valuable asset in your business. But too many small business owners slap an opt-in box on their site with a non-compelling, outright boring free offer and then wonder why their list isn't growing.

You need a lead magnet that will convert browsers to raving fans. More than a content upgrade, your lead magnet should be designed to sift and sort through prospects, establish your authority and expertise, and walk prospects down the path to working with you. Creating effective lead magnets is one of the best strategies for marketing small businesses and one of the first steps in your small business marketing plan.

Small businesses die because they can't get in front of enough potential clients—they don't know how to generate leads online or offline.

This book will show you how to:

·       Uncover who your ideal client is and what they want,

·       Formulate a marketing strategy to find them

·       Then walk you through creating an easy eBook lead magnet that attracts the right kind of client to you.

Get off the small business feast or famine roller coaster. Create a packed pipeline of qualified leads, so you can enjoy steady income and focus on doing what you do best--serving your clients.

“I’ve been reading business books for 30 years and this is the simplest, most concise explanation of a lead magnet I’ve ever encountered. If you are looking to expand your platform, I recommend that you purchase this short read and read it more than once. It’s like sitting across the table from Grassey while taking notes on her years of marketing experience. This short read proves a model for other how-to authors.” -- Mary Anne Radmacher, Author of over 13 books including Lean Forward Into Your Life and Live with Intention.

“I started marketing in the 70s. I used newsletters and postcards to generate leads. Barbara’s great ebook is about lead magnets and brainstorming innovative marketing solutions to be creative and effective. Get the book and implement the ideas and you will make more money faster and easier.” Brian Gibbons,, 1 on 1 Mentor in Real Estate Investing

This book is perfect for small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, and leaders. Get it now!

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This book cuts right to the chase--no fluff. Create lead magnets that have qualified prospects opting in to work with you!

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More Leads Less Work: Create Effective Lead Magnets for Your Business

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